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We have extensive experience with air testing for mold within the envelope of the home. Albrecht Inspections conduct air quality testing as the primary method to determine whether there may be elevated levels of mold in the air and subsequently inside the home. There is mold in most all homes. Mold is a general environmental condition. The air cassette testing relies on taking controlled samples by pulling air through a filter trap ( cassette) , one sample is taken from the outside of the home as a control sample to determine ambient conditions. Then based upon the size of the home and interior HVAC type, additional air samples are taken inside from inside the home. The samples are sent to a certified lab for detailed analysis of number of captured mold spores relative to the outside sample and types of mold captured as compared to outdoor species. This is a snap shot of the current air quality on the day of testing, a helpful tool in determine presence of mold and mold spores as a result of water incursion from interior components, exterior sources and malfunction HVAC components.