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The Importance of Testing Water Quality in Your Property

Water Testing

Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Did You Know?

The law mandates that public water be tested and treated on a regular basis at the water treatment plant in your area and that it only covers the condition of the water up to the time it leaves the treatment plant. The water then travels through miles of piping to reach your house, and there is no guarantee of the quality or safety of the water that enters your house. Many of these pipes are in disrepair or contain lead, and many water pipes in the house contain lead or lead solder.

Private wells are usually only tested when requested by the property owners or at time of sale. It is recommended that property with private wells be tested annually and buildings with public water be tested every two years or after any plumbing work is done in the building. The major reasons for testing water is to check for bacteria, nitrates and nitrites, lead and radon in water.


Health effects of water contaminated by bacteria include gastrointestinal disorders, skin infections, infections of cuts and scratches, and sickness or death in the elderly, children, and those with suppressed immune systems. Health effects of water contaminated by agricultural pollutants such as nitrates or nitrites include decrease of the bloods ability to carry oxygen, brain damage, blue baby syndrome and death. Low levels of lead exposure can affect your child by causing birth defects, hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, lower IQ, behavioral problems and learning disabilities. High levels of lead can affect your child by causing brain damage, kidney failure, coma and death.

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